Reducing Your Cost and Time To Hire

By Michael Matalone As you may be aware, it is of utmost importance to grow your business at a healthy rate which means that you need to keep costs under control. One of the primary problems with reducing the cost of hiring is the difficulty in capturing all of the...

6 Things About Salespeople You Need To Know

Everyone has a stereotype of what they believe a salesperson is, and unfortunately, most of them are not what I would call “positive” perceptions. Most of them sound a lot like this: "That blabbermouth guy in the cheap suit talking a mile a minute about his product or...

What Makes A Leader?

There have been many books, articles and facilitated discussions (I have even led many over the years) about the many ways in which people define leadership or what an effective leader is comprised of. We did some research, made our own list, and would like to ask you...

The Best Interview Question: What Are You An Expert At?

An “old” colleague of mine (he was about 90 years old at the time) once told me that the secret to staying young was this: “As long as you’re learning, you’re green and growing; the minute you stop learning, you’re brown and rotting.” The message there was, of course,...

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