A few years ago, I helped Window Nation, the country’s third largest window replacement contractor, hire and train 18 salespeople. Seventeen of them graduated the new hire onboarding program and then sold over $1.4M in their first 30 days in the field. How did we accomplish that? First, we hired the right people utilizing the XP3 Hiring Process (I’ll address that in another article.). Then, we created an amazing experience for them utilizing the XP3 Onboarding Training Program.

To accomplish results like these, you need to think outside the box. Like most things XP3, there are three things you need to do in order to get your new employees fully productive in the shortest amount of time.

The 3-Part Onboarding Process

  1. Create an amazing experience – wow your new hires!
  2. Have the new hire build relationships with as many of your other employees as possible.
  3. Train them on all aspects of your company (as opposed to educating them solely about the role you hired them for).

How to Create an Amazing Experience

First, you need to prepare for them in advance. This includes creating an organized, onboarding plan and having a checklist to ensure everything gets addressed. This includes things like cleaning their workstation, having their company vehicle and equipment ready and ensuring everything is working prior to their arrival. Have you ever started a new role and had to clean out the last person’s stuff? It’s not a very welcoming feeling.

Notify everyone of the new employee’s arrival, and ensure they go out of their way to make them feel welcome. Ever start a new job and the receptionist had no idea who you were or where you were supposed to go?

Do not start them in HR filling out paper work. Instead, start them off with a tour; introduce them to people; and then have the President/CEO do a short 15-20 minute overview of the history of the company that addresses how you got to where you are. Excite them about where the company is headed and how their role plays a critical part in achieving that success. Record a short video in the event the CEO is not available.

How to Help the New Employee Build Relationships

Get as many people as possible involved with the new hire training. Make sure employees understand the three objectives. They should start each session with telling the new hire about themselves, how long they’ve been with the company, what their role is, what they like about working there and also a little about their personal life. Then have the new hire do the same. Schedule lunches and/or happy hours with others the first few days.

How to Educate the New Hire About Your Company

Create an onboarding schedule and email that to the new employee in advance so they know what to expect. This should be a detailed, day-by-day, hour-by-hour schedule of what they will learn and who will lead the training. The document should also include an introduction to all departments, key players and what they do and how this all supports the new hire’s department. After that, you can focus on training them on the job you hired them for.

Finally: The End-of-Day Check-In

At the end of each day the first week, ask the new employee what went well, what you could do better and what’s been great about the process. A sub-goal of this is to have the new employees tell everyone they know what a great decision they made joining your company.

To that end, we helped a client hire an architect, project manager, salesperson and lead carpenter– and had them all start the same day. We put them all through the XP3 On-boarding Training Program. At the end-of-day check-in, the lead carpenter shared this with us: “I called my wife after lunch to tell her what a great company this is. I have never been treated this well by any company I’ve work for in 25 years. I was expecting to just come in and fill out paper work, then head back out to the job site. You all made me feel welcome, got me excited about my future here, made some new friends and I learned a lot.”

What ideas do you have for getting new employees productive faster? And if you found this of value, please share with others!

To learn more about the XP3 Onboarding Training Program and get a copy of the XP3 Onboarding Training Program Template and Checklist, email me at Mike@Xp3Talent.com.