The best way to get—and keep—top talent.

Find, hire, train, and retain those elusive “A-Players” with XP3 Talent.

Get the people you need ASAP. Increase their productivity. Reduce turnover. And boost the bottom line... all at once.

We’re not a typical recruiting firm.
We work smarter.
We do MUCH more and charge less.
And we deliver better RESULTS:

• Our average time to hire is 34 days
• The average time to get your new hire productive is 30 Days
• Our 12-month retention for all people we place is 84%

What is the XP3 Talent System™?

We offer an end-to-end integrated approach for hiring, training, and retaining the top people you need: everyone from C-suite and management to skilled labor. It’s a complete system that shaves years off your company’s profit trajectory.


We replace the typical “gut feeling” approach with the proven science and analytics of performance management. We not only help you find, train, and retain qualified candidates, we also help you get those new hires productive and performing—in just 30 days from their start date. And, simultaneously, we teach you the secrets to repeating the process, year after year, hire after hire.

The XP3 Hire Train Retain™ (HTR) Program

The name —“Hire Train Retain”—says it all:

1. We help you hire. You’ll learn how to define the metrics for success for any given role. Then we’ll help you recruit and hire the top "A-Player" talent that meets your demanding criteria.
Average time to hire: 34 Days

2. We help you train. Our XP3 Performance Acceleration™ system will teach you how to transform those new hires into highly collaborative and productive company advocates—in their first 30 days on the job.
Average time to new hire productivity: 30 Days

3. We help you retain. Now it’s time to protect your investment. Our XP3 Performance Coaching™ system helps you ensure that those hires remain consistently productive and engaged members of your team.
12-month retention for new hires: 84%

It’s time to HIRE TRAIN & RETAIN employees you need

Read what some of our clients have to say...

"The XP3 Talent System has provided us the ability to build an ultra-successful team. As a small business owner, there may not be a more crucial skill to develop."
- John Gwaltney, The Virtus Family of Companies

""XP3 is revolutionizing recruitment! It has helped us source, place and onboard two perfect candidates in pivotal positions for our company. It's secret sauce is that it matches not only by skills and experience but also by intrinsic behavioral fit - and that's vital if your company values great culture, and team members that love what they do so much they make a massive impact - and stay! Thanks Mike and team!"
- Melinda Wittstock, Wings Media LLC

"Having graduated from the XP3 Leadership Academy and using the XP3 Talent System in our own business, we've been able to boost our ability to hire and onboard top talent. It's proven instrumental in in helping us to grow the business 30-40% per year, over the last few years"
- Jesse Kreisman, Alco Products Company Inc

"Hiring the right people is critical to our success and hiring the wrong people can be detrimental to our existence. XP3 Talent has transformed the way we hire and train the people needed to ensure our success. Their system uses science and analytics to identify high quality candidates as well as how to communicate and motivate each person based on their unique “needs”. I highly recommend XP3 Talent to any company that wants to elevate their employee quality, productivity, and retention!"
- Sebastian Alvarez, Alvarez Construction

Training and Coaching Included

We provide you with easy yet powerful training and handy cheat-sheets. We coach you through the entire process, from initial role setup, through the entire hiring process, and even after new hires have been on the job for 30 days, to keep you all working together as a high-performing team.

What sets XP3 apart from typical recruiters:

The XP3 Portal™
Everything you need, right at your fingertips, to hire, train, and retain top talent. You’ll get exclusive access to:

• The XP3 Hiring System™
Hiring Program Training and Coaching
Establish success criteria
Applicant tracking/management tools
Knowledge and skills questionnaires
Candidate analytics and assessment tools
XP3 Interview Process
Background and reference checks

• The XP3 Performance Acceleration System™
Performance Acceleration training and coaching
On-boarding process system

• The XP3 Performance Coaching System™
90-minute coaching call with your new hire and their supervisor
MPO™ Intrinsic Motivation and Communication Tools

The MPO™ Behavioral Suite of Tools brings you the science—and power—of performance management and analytics. The Suite includes:

MPO Job Profile. Helps pinpoint the precise target behaviors to be successful in the role.

MPO Right Match. Empowers you to analyze a candidate’s MPO Personality Profile’s fits and gaps against the MPO Job Profile’s target behaviors.

MPO Personality Profile. Lets you identify your—and your new hire's—intrinsic motivational needs, allowing you to create an environment that is constantly stimulating to each.

MPO Communication. Identifies you and your new hire’s unique communication styles to show how each person needs to adjust to be as effective as possible with each other.

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And for those who are serious about achieving their growth objectives:

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