We Help Companies Hire, Train & Retain The People Necessary To Achieve Your Growth Objectives with a combination of                                      High Tech (Web-based Recruiting Platform) and High Touch (Training, Coaching and Consulting Support).

  Prior to implementing the XP3 Talent System, our turnover rate was over 80%. Six months later, we are now down to 23% although the biggest impact we have seen is in our sales department. We hired 18 salespeople in <60 days, put them through the WNU Sales Boot Camp, graduated 17 with a 93% avg. final exam score and 10 of them sold the first lead they went on. As a group, they sold over $1.4M their first 30 days on the job! Our managers are now able to better hire, train and retain the talent needed to achieve our growth objectives! ~ Harley Magden, CEO Window Nation (5th largest replacement contractor in the U.S.)

Depending On Your Needs, We Can Help You:

Develop a Talent Strategy: The achievement of your growth objectives begins with ensuring you have the right people who can execute on your strategy. We are experts in Talent Strategy and can help you design and implement a plan to ensure your ongoing success.

Train Your Hiring Managers: The best tools and process are useless unless your hiring managers know how to effectively utilize them. We provide on-site training & coaching to help your managers develop the skills necessary to hire, train & retain top talent.

Fill Your Applicant Pipeline: We are experts in applicant development (passive & active) and can help you generate more qualified applicants at a lower cost than most other sources available.

Save You Time Pre-Screening Applicants: The XP3 Job Template Library contains over 75 role specific Screening Questionnaires that help determine if candidates possess the required knowledge and skills to be successful in the role and ensure you are only spending time with qualified candidates. We can also provide and train you on how to use a state-of-the-art Personality Assessment tool (The MPO by Ngenio) and advise you on other assessment tools depending on your needs.

Help You Conduct Objective Interviews: The XP3 Interview Module provides you a Structured Process, Interview Questions,  Response Guidelines, a 5-point Scoring System, Training and our Training & Consulting Support help ensure you all interview like a professional recruiter.

Help You Select & Retain the Person Most Likely To Succeed in the Role: Make objective, facts-based hiring decisions with the XP3 Candidate Analytics and Consulting support.

Reduce Your Overall Time and Cost Per Hire.


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XP3 Talent System Pricing Packages

Training, Coaching & Consulting Fees vary depending upon your needs.

The XP3 Web-based System Fees are below and require an annual agreement except for our beginner Genesis plan.

Begin with our Genesis package then choose the package that best meets your anticipated number of hires per year

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we will work with you to make things right, provide you with a credit or give you your money back




See Below For Some Frequently Asked Questions About Our Features and Services   

XP3 Genesis Starter Package Guarantee 
We are so confident that you will immediately see the value of the XP3 Talent System, we provide you the opportunity to try it out with no risk for 30 days! If your not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we will work with you to make things right, provide you with a credit or give you your money back.

Monthly XP3 License Fee Includes :
Access to all XP3 Talent System features & functions to help you define roles, pre-screen, interview and analyze candidates to help you make better hiring decisions. Unlimited help desk support for any technical use issues and enough candidate credits to screen 20 candidates per role.

XP3 Candidate Credit
The XP3 Talent System usage is based on the number of candidates you Pre-Screen. Each package includes a certain number of candidate credits (the Enterprise package has unlimited use), so when a candidate completes a Pre-Screening Questionnaire, one of your credits is deducted from your account. When you use them all up, you can either order more or upgrade to the next level package.

Applicant Development We are experts in applicant development and can help you generate more qualified applicants at a lower cost than most other sources available. We will train you on the psychology of active and passive candidates and how to find and motivate them to explore your career opportunity.  

XP3 Job Template Library
The XP3 Talent System has a library of over 75 (and growing) role specific Pre-Screening and Interview questions for you to choose from, then customize with your specifics. They are based on extensive research and experience in Recruiting Industry Best Practices, and the Psychology of how to Pre-screen, Interview and Select Top Talent. Categories include: Admin, Executive, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Technical, and Banking. If we don’t have what your looking for, we will create for no extra fees.

The XP3 Applicant Screening Questionnaires (ASQ)
The XP3 ASQ is sent to applicants as a first step in our hiring process. They are role specific, open-ended questions that are designed to identify if the candidate possess the required knowledge and skills to be successful in the role and to ensure you are only interviewing candidates who are worthy of your time,

The MPO Personality Profile by Ngenio is the latest, greatest, state of the art personality assessment tool available and is a critical component to pre-screening candidates to ensure that they have the required behaviors to be successful in the role. Even more value is the application of the MPO on your existing employees. The MPO can help you build a better culture, enhance team performance and communication, lays the foundation for performance management, employee motivation and more. We are the Mid-Atlantic Distributor and Master Trainers for the MPO and offer various packages to meet your needs.

XP3 Response Guidelines
It’s one thing to know how to ask great questions, it’s another to know what a great response is to those questions. To help ensure that all of your hiring managers are being as objective as possible when analyzing a candidate’s response to these questions, the XP3 Talent System includes Response Guidelines wherever appropriate.

XP3 Interview Module To help you conduct an objective interview, The XP3 Interview Module provides you with role-specific interview questions, response guidelines, and a 5-point scoring system that are tracked by each User/Hiring manager.

Candidate Tracking & Management
The XP3 Talent System helps keep you organized and tracks where each candidate is in the process. From here, you can access the candidates contact info, resume, score their SQ results, conduct interviews, email them and more.

Hiring Managers/Users
The XP3 Talent System tracks each hiring manager’s use on how they scored each candidate’s screening questionnaire, interview, and any notes they take. Then compiles this data into the Candidate Analytics reporting that helps you make more objective hiring decisions based on factual data Vs the typical subjective “gut” feel approach to hiring.

Candidate Analytics
The XP3 Candidate Analytics help you make objective, facts-based decisions that pinpoint where candidates are strong and where they are weak as it directly relates to the requirements of the role. You can conduct a candidate comparison, hiring manger comparison or drill down on each hiring manager/users scores a particular candidate.